Group 23942

PEPPOL E-Invoicing

Eliminate the pains of manual Accounts Payable invoice processing via our E-Invoicing solution which helps automate, optimise and eliminate manual paper process with AI-driven data capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities.

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Group 23928

Operations Management

Missing Delivery Orders? Customers calling to check on status of delivery or to reschedule their deliveries?


If all these sounds familiar, you need a system which allows you to be able to check or retrieve these key information centrally and effortlessly.


At Konica Minolta, we offer Operations Management Solutions which enable the live tracking of your fleet of vehicles, easy assignment of delivery jobs, route optimisation and electronic proof of deliveries to help ease your manual tracking and assignment of deliveries.

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Group 23944

Document Management Solutions

Digitalize and optimize core processes at the heart of your business by removing tedious, repetitive and manual tasks that take time off your staff from more important and valuable jobs with our suite of document management solutions.

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Group (12)

Document Process Outsourcing

When data and hardcopy documents are filed, they are exposed to risks of being damaged and is time-consuming when it needs to be retrieved and managed. Apart from the digitization of records of exponential volumes of data, document process outsourcing now encompasses a wider range of services that streamlines capturing and retrieving documents, increasing efficiency and security of vital information. 
With Konica Minolta's digitization facility, businesses can be assured that a proper documentation process is strictly adhered to. The data exported at the end of the process is not only accurate and securely documented, it is also Evidence Act (EA) certified. 
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